Hello Alan,

2016 is blowing away my wildest expectations. In just the past few weeks, citizen activists for Convention of States Action have netted 21 legislative victories to start the year! That is unprecedented success!!!

Check out our track record, in the past 6 weeks alone, with even more wins than we expected, thanks to <a href="https://secure generic for premarin.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/rQlCdazy5zTV0Z8n21hD4w” target=”_blank”>your support!

14 Committee Wins! Our resolution was passed in . . .

2 Arizona House Committees
2 Missouri House Committee
2 Tennessee House Committees
1 Indiana Senate Committee
1 New Mexico House Committee
1 New Mexico Senate Committee
1 South Dakota House Committee
1 Utah House Committee
1 Virginia House Subcommittee
1 Virginia House Committee
1 West Virginia Senate Committee

AND 7 Floor Wins!

Arizona House
Indiana Senate
New Mexico House
South Dakota House
Virginia House
West Virginia Senate
Tennessee House passed our resolution, making Tennessee the 5th state to have passed the Convention of States resolution through both chambers!!!

This kind of historic success is not possible without a great deal of planning, prayer, and patriots like you. Can you imagine what we can do with even more support?!

This is a crucial time for us. We have seen unbelievable things happen to start the year, but there’s still work to be done. We must seize this window of opportunity to secure liberty for our nation!

States where we have won in committee or on the floor will soon face greater tests. Help us solidify our support in those states, not to mention the dozens of other states where our resolution is pending, so they can officially join the fight!Your gift will go directly toward ensuring victories in states all across America.

Convention of States is the only constitutional solution as big as the problem–it’s the only way we can stop DC from wasting our money, send the career politicians packing, and preserve a free America for our children and grandchildren.

As President Reagan once said, “What a wonderful time to be alive! We are lucky not to live in pale and timid times.” We are literally witnessing history in the making, and what happens next is up to you!

Will you help us keep the momentum going?

Yes, Mark, you can count on my support as you need to BLITZ the target zones and gain more victories for COS!

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