Hello Alan,​

Today is indeed a time for choosing. The choice is clear. Renewed prosperity, or continued government servitude? Liberty or Tyranny?

If Ronald Reagan were still alive today, I know he would be with us in our fight to restore America and the Constitution. Did you know that when Congress would not impose fiscal restraints on itself, President Reagan asked the states to call an Article Five Convention of States?

“We can’t depend on Congress to discipline itself . . .  
Fortunately, our Nation’s Founders gave us the means to amend the Constitution through action of state legislatures . . . That is the only strategy that will work.”   – President Reagan

Reagan went on to say, “Unless we act and act quickly, the people in the White House and those running Congress will bankrupt America.”

The root problem is Washington politicians who are more concerned with their own political futures than the future of our nation. It pains me to think that my generation has burdened my children with these enormous government expenditures.

The good news is we have a plan, thanks to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who gave us a safety valve–Convention of States! President Reagan embraced this, because he realized it was the only solution as big as the problem.

Time is short. I know that you would do anything for your children and grandchildren, which is why we cannot afford to wait on this.


As President Reagan said regarding Convention of States, Our opportunity has never been greater.” With your help, Convention of States will return fiscal responsibility to Washington and send the career politicians packing.

Our citizen activists have won dozens of legislative victories this year, but there are several states where we are running out of time. This is where YOU come in!

Please support our efforts so we can pack hearings with our citizen activists and deliver thousands of petitions to state legislators. With your generous gift, we can implement these winning strategies in every state.

Can I ask you to do one other thing that is of utmost importance? Please forward this email to 10 friends and ask them to sign the Convention of States petition at www premarin dose.cosaction.com. We can reach thousands more of Americans looking to be a part of the only solution as big as the problem–Convention of States!

Your gift will go directly toward ensuring victories in states all across America!

The words of Reagan ring in my ears–“If not now, when? If not us, who?”

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