“It doesn’t matter which party is in charge. I spent ten years in the Senate, and left early because I don’t see a solution in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress to fix what’s wrong with our country.” – Senator Tom Coburn

Five men and women are battling it out for a coveted seat in the White House. And they’re making a lot of promises.

But one thing weighs on everyone’s mind: will it really make any difference?

After all, both parties have controlled the White House and Congress, but the results are always the same. More hollow promises, more government growth, and less freedom.

So what gives?

Here’s the bottom line: Washington, D.C., is broken and will never fix itself.

That’s why the Founders gave us Article V – so that the states could propose amendments to put an end to centralization of power in D.C!

Thousands of Americans have put their differences aside to fight for the only solution that’s as big as the problem: an Article V Convention of States.

These incredible patriots have secured dozens of victories in their state legislatures, and with your support, they can continue to wage war against corruption in D.C.

Together we can fill the cracks in our broken system, ensuring that our children and grandchildren inherit a country that is more prosperous and free. This is only possible with committed patriots like you who believe in America and care enough to do something about it, so please give today.

We’re just days away from our Friday fundraising deadline, and are still thousands short. Will you contribute $25, $50, or $100 and help us meet our $15,000 fundraising goal?

Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action


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