Article V of the Constitution

I am  A.B. “Mike” McCutchen, an 84 year old citizen of the United States of America and have enjoyed it all in because of our constitution. I would like to be part of making Article V Amendments such that our offspring can live a life as good as we have had in America. I had a general construction company doing heavy civil engineering construction for Federal, State, County and City contracts from 1955 to 1998 on over 200 hard dollar contracts with governmental agencies. I since have been a Washington State Designated Broker with my own company in Residential Real Estate Sales. I am substantially retired and can choose how I spend my time.

I am learning how to make Amendments through the States but not through the House, Senate, and Administration which I consider to be practically impossible.

I have a draft organizational chart for the National Amendment Group. A website and e-mail address soon to be activated by professional web builders. I have a Task List to make NAG operational and effective.

Financing for NAG is planned to be done through the website with $12.00 contributions by any person. If Citizens choose to be a member of NAG they will be expected to contribute $12.00 a year for 6 years to be a continuing member. If a person contributes a one time $100 contribution they will be a up or down voting member on Amendments submitted to them for voting.

I need help to contact appropriate persons who will contribute their wisdom and expertise to write the Amendments in their final language and form with the promulgation to show how the Amendment is to be administered.

Experienced, able and knowledgeable persons will be approached to head taxation matters.

Tax lawyers will be sought out to work on tax issues.

Appropriate persons in education will be sought out to head up education Amendments.

Appropriate persons will be sought out to head up term limit Amendments.

Constitutional lawyers and/or professors will be sought for a steering group to see the Amendments are all done appropriately.

A big help would be to compile contact information for appropriate individuals who may want to participate.

Thank you